About Us
McSpring Kennels
The Beginning

I have owned Springers since 1990 and have been showing and breeding them for over 10 years.
I am located in Malden, Massachusetts and have a very small hobby kennel. All my dogs are
family pets and have free roam of my house meaning they love the furniture.

I first started with the breed as a teenager. My first Springer was "Andy" a beautiful liver/white male.
He was a great dog and after four years I acquired my second springer, a liver/white female
named "Sadie". Sadie was the perfect dog. She was great around everyone and everyplace we
went. After Andy passed away I was determined to find a perfect show dog and along came
"Hunter". He was the cutest puppy I had ever seen. He had perfect markings and a great laid back
After showing him for a few years I bred him to Sadie and along came "Rudy" Hawthorne's
Majestic Rudolfo and "Haley" Hawthorne's Majestic Comet.

Part two...
At the age of four Rudy came down with lyme disease and ended up passing away in February of
2005 and then in July of 2005, Sadie also passed away, at the age of 11. It was hard to deal with
losing two great pets within 6 months.  I continued showing Haley and finally decided to breed her
at the age of 5. So after a long search for the right stud I decided on Aneleh's Gunnerson "George"
Aneleh Kennels in Hollis, New Hampshire. Haley ended up having 3 black/white females on
January 26, 2006 and I kept one. Her name is McSpring's Hawthorne Starlet, CGC  "Annabelle".  
Due to the small litter size, we decided to re-breed Haley to George again and this litter was born
11/12/2006. All puppies have now been placed in loving homes and I have kept one male,
McSpring's Tri Star "Bentley" He has a great look and hopefully will do well in the future in the
show ring.
McSpring's Hawthorne Starlet
Annabelle stacked at the Cape Cod, MA       
Dog Show 9/17/06   6-9 months Bitches
Hawthorne's Majestic Rudolfo
4/30/2000 - 2/2005      Gone but not forgotten
Hawthorne's Majestic Comet
Topsfield Dog Show 2005
McSpring's Tri Star
Bentley stacked at 3 months old